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The admitted students to attend the First Level Master Course in Agricultural Heritage Systems are the following (in alphabetic order):


18 students coming from the Priority Countries:
Name Surname Country
Marwa Abou Assi Lebanon
Fethia Abdullahi Ahmed Ethiopia
Mahad Abdikarim Ahmed Somalia
Fall Alioune Badara Senegal
Atlaw Anbelu Sahile Ethiopia
Zin Wai Aung Myanmar
Kalkidan Fikirie Befikadu Ethiopia
Fadwa Benyahia Tunisia
Florjan Boduri Albania
Alejandro González Alvarez Cuba
Jasmina Hoxha Albania
Ever Alexis Martinez Aguilar El Salvador
Yenia Molina Pelegrín Cuba
Moe Thae Oo Myanmar
Liane Bárbara Portuondo Farías Cuba
Sheilla Tallam Kenya
Ti Chia TI Myanmar
Afef Zanzana Tunisia



12 students coming from other countries:
Name Surname Country
Iiban Abdullahi Abdulle Italy
Marta Arnés García Spain
Xieli Bai China
Paola Andrea Danello Peralta Colombia
Mohammad Amin Emadi Iran
Michelangelo Ferri Italy
Maria Alejandra Hernandez Marentes Colombia
Ferrah Imene Algeria
Sarosh Khurshid Pakistan
Francesco Piras Italy
Joana Filipa Rocha Dias Portugal
Érika Zàrate Ecuador



1 student for the single teaching in “Laboratory 1 – Planning and Management”:
Name Surname Country
Simona Lippi Italy



To complete the administrative procedure the admitted students must enroll before the deadline of 15/11/2018.
The next Monday you will receive an e-mail from with the form to be filled. You are required to complete the form and to send it back by e-mail with the required attachmentsbefore 15thof November.


Only for admitted students coming from the Priority Countries: In the following days, a letter explaining in detail essential information about your stay in Italy will be send to you by e-mail. You are required to read it carefully, sign the last page for acceptance, scan the entire document and send it back.